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Relax & reset as you experience the healing wonders of Halotherapy in our state of the art Salt Cave



Salt cave halotherapy has been used in many countries in around the world for over nine centuries! Salt caves, which are formed naturally, are found throughout the world. Some of the most famous are found in Europe, such as Wieliczka Salt Mine in southern Poland and the salt caverns of Berchtesgaden, Germany. Salt therapy is a unique, natural therapy that allows you to relax and reset while simply breathing in the negatively-charged, ionized salt particles. 

Himalayan salt is one of nature’s purest and most complete mineral salt sources on Earth. This type of salt was created over 250 million years ago under trapped oceans caught between shifting tectonic plates. Himalayan Salt contains up to 84 naturally occurring elements & minerals. Additionally, these minerals exist in ionic form, which means that they can be easily absorbed by the body.


Minerals are essential for our wellbeing simply because each mineral in our body performs a variety of important roles. A synergistic combination of all 84 minerals builds a strong foundation for true health and wellbeing.



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Salt Cave and Halo therapy in New Haven, CT at Nolla Wellness.


Please arrive 15 minutes before your session begins to check-in and get settled. You do not need to change your clothes at all to go in the salt cave. White socks or bare feet are required in our Caves. If you do not have white socks, they will be available for purchase.  For the best and optimal results, we recommend 2-3 sessions per week.  

All session are to start promptly at the start of the hour and if you arrive after the start time, you will not be allowed in.  You are more than welcome to join the next session if there are spots available.


During your session, you are invited to lay in our comfy zero gravity loungers with your own personal blanket.  Meditate, nap, or just zone out to the relaxing sounds of the water feature.  After your session, be sure to hydrate after each session.

All of your belongings will be kept in a locked personal locker, which is under surveillance as well.

At Nolla Wellness, we incorporate both dry and Natural salt therapy methods in our salt cave to provide maximum benefits. 

Dry Halotherapy 

The salt cave at Nolla Wellness is designed to reproduce the microclimate environment naturally occurring in the salt caves and mines by utilizing the Halogenerator as well as the aesthetic beauty of a natural salt cave. The Halogenerator grinds pure pharmaceutical-grade salt into microfine particles, invisible to the eye, and disperses the beneficial minerals and negative ions into the air throughout the controlled environment of the cave. 


Natural Halotherapy 

Natural halotherapy combines raw salt minerals or crystals mixed with water. It can be closely related to breathing in salty ocean air and how good that makes you feel. This feeling is not just because you’re by the ocean relaxing on the beach – it’s based on scientific proof. 

The Lung Health Institute asserts that misty, salty ocean air improves the conditions of several lung diseases. This is done, in part, by thinning mucus in the body and decreasing sinus pressure. Natural halotherapy in the salt cave works on the same principle of mixing water with salt to gain this therapeutic benefit. 

The peaceful trickling of water of the water cascade is not only beautiful and relaxing, it also provides beneficial Natural halotherapy. Sit back, close your eyes and take deep breathes as the water gently cascades over the salt crystals, dispersing negative ions and minerals into the air. This salty air opens up the airways in the lungs to produce therapeutic benefits. 



Health Benefits of Salt Cave Halotherapy


Halotherapy can provide many benefits for the respiratory system and skin, according to various clinical trial. A salt cave session can help: 


  • Detoxify the respiratory system

  • Reduce mucus buildup

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Boost immunity

  • Make breathing easier if you have the following respiratory diseases and conditions:

    • Common cold

    • Allergies

    • Covid Long Haul symptoms

    • Asthma

    • Bronchitis

    • Emphysema

    • Cystic Fibrosis

    • Smoker’s cough


Skincare benefits  
Several studies provide evidence that salt cave halotherapy may be an effective anti-aging regimen. It also improves various skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, acne, rashes, itchiness, inflammation and redness. There have been studies that say that halo therapy can help with the following:

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Remove toxins

  • Purify pores

  • Smooth wrinkles

  • Heal blemishes

  • Treat dandruff

  • Boost hair growth

  • Boost immune function

  • Promote cell regeneration

  • Increase vitality in the body

Couples Massage In The Salt Cave

This beautiful experience offers you and a loved one, one-hour therapeutic couples massage inside our nurturing salt cave with added relaxation time. Our talented massage therapists will tailor the session to meet your individual needs, where you will simultaneously receive the benefits of massage and salt therapy. 


Included for no extra charge:  a variety of warm towels and/or lavender eye pillows to bring you into even deeper relaxation.


Enjoy a small gift to take home, to remind you of your sweet experience.

60 Minute Massage + 15 Minute Relaxation Time: $350

90 Minute Massage + 15 Minute Relaxation Time: $500

This services cannot be booked online, please call or email our office to schedule.


Personal Massage In The Salt Cave

Indulge in the ultimate healing experience with your own personal massage in the salt cave with an extra 15 minutes of relaxation time.

One Hour Massage in the Salt Cave + 15 Minute

Relaxation Time: $200

This services cannot be booked online, please call or email our office to schedule.


Single Sessions


Group Sessions


Salt Cave Events

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